Cerro Torre – Trekking Pole Set WITH Handle Mounts

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Affordable, strong and multi-functional- these are designed to be used for a wide variety of applications.

Made with the strongest woven carbon fiber around-three piece telescoping capability and load bearing 1/4 20 mounts in each handle- these have changed the way of what trekking poles can be.

Compatible with BoomGear DSLR, GoPro, Digital Camera and smart phone mounts (and after market accessories) these poles will up your media game .

More than that- they can be joined together to create shelters or may come in handy for that hard river ford if an extra hand is needed.


Product Description

Product highlights

  • 189 grams!
  • 62-135 cm Expansion
  • 3 Piece telescoping
  • Woven Carbon Fiber
  • The latest flick lock technology
  • DSLR, GoPro, Smart Phone and Digital Camera Compatible
  • Rescue and Shelter Applications
  • Cork Handles
  • 1/4 20 threaded handle mounts
  • Will occasionally make you dinner.


Product Features

Carbon Fiber Strong

Made from the strongest woven carbon fiber around- these poles will take care of you. And by care I mean please do not pull a Keith Richards and smash them for no reason. I mean- I will totally sell you more for your rock and roll life style. But please don't Keith Richard them.

Light- but not stupid light

These aren't the lightest carbon fiber poles on the market for a reason. And that's because we actually want them to last rather than break when you sneeze or hurt their feelings. They are light but not stupid light.

Multi-Use and Safety Focused

Compatible with our DSLR, GoPro and Smart Phone mounts you can now take your media game to the next level with less crap. More than that-you can connect these together for an extra hand on that tough river ford or make a bombproof A-frame shelter. The uses are endless if you have a limited imagination.

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