Hi.  I’m Boomer.  I am a long distance hiker like many of you and was lucky enough to hike the PCT twice many moons ago.  My company is based out of Bend Oregon and this is my dream.

BoomGear was thought up hiking and wondering why trekking poles didn’t do more.  So I did something about it.  I spent years trying to figure out a way to match what I wanted them be with reality.  Countless prototypes, failures, successes, more failures and money spent- I finally was able to create the Cerro Torre- a lightweight, strong and multi-use trekking pole.

Tested by numerous thru-hikers, triple crowners and more- the Cerro Torre is the culmination of thousands of miles of feed back.   I hope you enjoy them!

When i’m not building my business you can find me spending most of my time in the mountains and working with Search in Rescue in Deschutes County.  So if you ever get hurt around here you’ll get to say hello.  But i’d recommend an email or phone call instead 🙂