Overview introduction

Product description

Made to be more than a trekking pole- The Cerro Torre by BoomGear is that.

Designed for long distance hikin trail running and more-these aren’t your normal trekking poles.

Made with woven carbon fiber and handle mounts for cameras and smart phones- they are also mono-pods and selfie sticks.  

More than that- they can be joined together to create emergency shelters and other applications competitors can’t.

Product highlights

  • 189 grams!
  • 62-135 cm Expansion
  • 3 Piece telescoping
  • Woven Carbon Fiber
  • The latest flick lock technology
  • DSLR, GoPro, Smart Phone and Digital Camera Compatible
  • Rescue and Shelter Applications
  • Cork Handles
  • 1/4 20 threaded handle mounts
  • Will occasionally make you dinner.

Features the key

Carbon Fiber Strong

Made from the strongest woven carbon fiber around- these poles will take care of you. And by care I mean please do not pull a Keith Richards and smash them for no reason. I mean- I will totally sell you more for your rock and roll life style. But please don't Keith Richard them.

Light- but not stupid light

These aren't the lightest carbon fiber poles on the market for a reason. And that's because we actually want them to last rather than break when you sneeze or hurt their feelings. They are light but not stupid light.

Multi-Use and Safety Focused

Compatible with our DSLR, GoPro and Smart Phone mounts you can now take your media game to the next level with less crap. More than that-you can connect these together for an extra hand on that tough river ford or make a bombproof A-frame shelter. The uses are endless if you have a limited imagination.

CLICK AND DRAG DUDE See it in virtual reality, kinda

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